I commented on a post by a gentleman named  Jerry Scott Fisher His question was ” What is God to you?”

My response probably was not what he expected.  But I decided that it was time to begin a blog of my own.  Primarily, I want to draw from the torrents of ideas, beliefs and dwinding faith ruminating in my head and express them as clearly as I can.  Secondarily, it would be nice to exchange thoughts with any wayfarers that intersect my path  If I only accomplish the first objective, fine.  If I happen to be graced with the second, then that will be an extra bonus.

I named the domain “oneseeker” because I am just one man among billions.  For the past 30 years my worldview has been what you would call “Christian.”   I spent years and years studying Christian doctrine, biblical Greek, biblical Hebrew , apologetics, philosophy of Religion and hermeneutics (hermewhatics?).

However, things changed.  Here in mid-life I came to realize that the claims of Christianity to be a personal relationship with a loving God just were not true.   I won’t go into the reasons right now, but I am now in a position where I must rediscover who I am, and search for the truth about life, about humanity and about how to reach the Place I am going.  Just what that place is and what it is like to be there, I do not know.

I must once again seek after that which I thought I had.  I am at a place where I know I cannot go back.  I can’t really start over.  But the journey of  life takes a new direction.  My journey begins again, down a new fork in an old road.


3 Responses to “TheJourneyBeginsToContinue”

  1. “Primarily, I want to draw from the torrents of ideas, beliefs and dwinding faith ruminating in my head and express them as clearly as I can. ”

    Thanks for being so open. What exactly are the reasons for this dwindling?

    Johnson C. Philip, PhD (Physics)

    • 2 2serious

      Dr. Philip ,

      Your comment surprised me. I thought that MAYBE in two or three months somebody might comment on something I posted. But not overnight. Do you have some sort of utility that alerts you of new posts in a certain category? I’m new with blogging and unfamiliar with many of the apps.

      I appreciate the question you asked me. I am still formulating my thoughts on the matter. I intend to post an answer over the weekend. As with all matters, though, expect my coverage of this issue to be partial and provisional.

  2. Your blog is not fully configured, so your comment came to my inbox without your “from” address.

    Actually I searched for apologetics, theology, and education related blogs on and then bookmarked those in which I became interested. That is how I came to your post.

    Johnson C. Philip, PhD (Physics)

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