Brief review of Caputo’s “On Religion”


On Religion (Thinking in Action) , which I can now cross of my books to read list, was recommended to me by Dr. Keith Putt who now teaches at Samford university.  What follows is a very brief review since I am still taking in all that Dr. Caputo wrote.

    I like Caputo’s  dialogic approach – – not a stuffy systematic theology tome or a dry-as-a-bale-of-hay philosophy book with endless quotes and end notes. 
     It was probably Caputo’s intention, but he begins from the standpoint of belief, asking the question after St. Augustine, “what do I love when I love You, my God?”   A more appropriate question might have been “How do I know that what I love is God?”  But, I suspect he would call me a rascal and continue  on from his original launching point.
   And I’m glad he does continue.  The author  engages in a nicely done exposure of pre-modern theology (which I equate to Conservative and Fundamentalist theology of today) as being too certain of the “answers”  it provides.  Nor does the modernist escape with delusions of a singular Reason behind all truth  intact.  His critique of both eras of theology converge in one point – – they both defy what true religions – religions without religion should be – – the pursuit of love as the follower continues to question “what do I love when I love my God?”

The reading of this book also reminds me how much I love .  I was able to read this book in it’s entirety just because I have a library card and a subscription through our local public library.  I wish I could go to wherever the netlibrary people keep their computers and give each server a big hug!  (Yes, I realize that was a bit over the top.)


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