Where were you religion when I really needed you?


A member of ex-christian.net posted the following:

“Religion is wrong because it lets those who don’t have all the answers believe that they do. The ancient coping mechanism that created thunder gods to explain the sheer terror of lightning to the Neanderthal is now limiting our scientific and social advancement.”.

This was my response:
I went to my first arts festival today as a “post-Christian.” All around me were people of all types whom I would have judged as weird , rebellious, un-godly or worse at various stages of my Christian faith. I now view these individuals as much like the art I was able to see – each one expresses a truth about the world as they see it. Incomplete, flawed, and sometimes tragic – just like me, but in a different way.

I felt a sense of loss. I wanted to reach out to many of them and find out who they were, what made them tick and take into myself some of the universe as they saw it; much in the same way that I took into myself some of the universe as expressed in the artwork all around me.

I kept wondering to myself ‘How?” How does one approach people who are on the surface radicallly different from me, separated by mere cosmetics and circumstances?

I wish that all those years that I sat under the tutelage of preachers, sunday school teachers and seminary professors that I had been taught how to approach people as valuable glimpses into the world around us rather than as lost “sinners” – “others” who are in need of salvation.

Too much time was spent in EE or CWT telling me how to get people convinced that they are lost when I should have been told that I am lost without “those people.”

Yes, in many ways religion is bad for our social advancement – at least mine. I was inspired and overjoyed to wander through the festival today with the music of the live bands flowing through the air along with the breeze. But I wished I knew how to turn the love I felt for life and humaniity into real connections.

Where were you religion when I need to know how to do that?

Originally posted as a comment by oddbird1963 on ExChristian.Net — encouraging ex-Christians using Disqus.


3 Responses to “Where were you religion when I really needed you?”

  1. 1 rubten

    I feel the same way. We are a growing number (agnostics/atheists). This is a good thing. I have been through the whole Catholic Thing and the Christian Born-Again thing… I have looked at other possibilities.

    I have chosen the Atheistic Life. It’s not bad over here. It’s “smarter” too! 🙂

  2. 2 Jerry

    Hello 2serious,

    I’ve been away from blogging for many months (I go in cycles), but I thought about you recently and I hope you are doing well.
    I hope things are going well with your family and your life. Also, I’d be delighted to see another post pop up sometime 😉

    Jerry Fisher

    • 3 2serious

      Hi Jerry!

      I am sorry it’s been so long since we interacted. I have always enjoyed our dialogs via the blog.

      It’s good to see that you touched base.

      I’ve been preoccupied with other endeavors, but I’m going to a small blog today.

      I’m going to write that now then visit your blog to see what you may have written.

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