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A member of posted the following: “Religion is wrong because it lets those who don’t have all the answers believe that they do. The ancient coping mechanism that created thunder gods to explain the sheer terror of lightning to the Neanderthal is now limiting our scientific and social advancement.”. This was my response: I […]

I look at this “True god, False God/s” issue from the point of view of the old cartoon where the coyote and the sheep dog clock into work, greeting one another in a cordial and professional matter

Fodder for those aching to lob ad hominem attacks.

Social and economic pressures can keep people involved in a religion.

Religions are a lot like gambling casinos. They design everything around getting people to come in and spend as much time as possible in the house.

Patrons of religious organizations want to preserve their self-esteem while the church manipulates those needs.

Family can be an intimidating factor when confronting “faith” delusions.