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I look at this “True god, False God/s” issue from the point of view of the old cartoon where the coyote and the sheep dog clock into work, greeting one another in a cordial and professional matter


On Religion (Thinking in Action) , which I can now cross of my books to read list, was recommended to me by Dr. Keith Putt who now teaches at Samford university.  What follows is a very brief review since I am still taking in all that Dr. Caputo wrote.     I like Caputo’s  dialogic approach […]

Fodder for those aching to lob ad hominem attacks.

Despite the old Hymn, the tie that binds is like a dogpile with multiple forces pressing the faithful into compliance.

Dr. Philip had a few more questions for me after the last post on “What happened to my faith?” “ Thanks for posting a reply to my inquiry. I read it all with full understanding of what you are trying to say because I myself have gone through this experience.  “ And thank you for […]

Dr. Johnson Philip posted a reply yesterday to my introductory post.  He  asked what happened to the make my faith dwindle.  The word “dwindle” implies a gradual loss over time.  There are a number of factors that “drained” my faith and caused my faculty of reason to develop new positions as time went by.   What […]

Is “God” real to this seeker? Well, yes. But the reality is much different than you may think.