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A member of posted the following: “Religion is wrong because it lets those who don’t have all the answers believe that they do. The ancient coping mechanism that created thunder gods to explain the sheer terror of lightning to the Neanderthal is now limiting our scientific and social advancement.”. This was my response: I […]

Fodder for those aching to lob ad hominem attacks.

Social and economic pressures can keep people involved in a religion.

Patrons of religious organizations want to preserve their self-esteem while the church manipulates those needs.

Family can be an intimidating factor when confronting “faith” delusions.

Dr. Philip had a few more questions for me after the last post on “What happened to my faith?” “ Thanks for posting a reply to my inquiry. I read it all with full understanding of what you are trying to say because I myself have gone through this experience.  “ And thank you for […]

Dr. Johnson Philip posted a reply yesterday to my introductory post.  He  asked what happened to the make my faith dwindle.  The word “dwindle” implies a gradual loss over time.  There are a number of factors that “drained” my faith and caused my faculty of reason to develop new positions as time went by.   What […]